What We Offer

We offer therapy services to people of all activity and ability levels. Bethany understands that each person requires different attention to different parts of their bodies. She has treated weightlifters, CrossFitters, runners, injured workers, seniors, kids, golfers, and everyone in between. Her experience and extensive research allows her to fine tune your treatment to meet your unique needs.

Physical Therapy

What does this service entail?

This is the formal language direct from the NC Board of PT examiners Practice Act 90.270.24. Complete Motion Therapy provides the service described below. 

“Physical therapy includes the performance of specialized tests of neuromuscular function, administration of specialized therapeutic procedures, interpretation and implementation of referrals from licensed medical doctors or dentists, and establishment and modification of physical therapy programs for patients. Evaluation and treatment of patients may involve physical measures, methods, or procedures as are found commensurate with physical therapy education and training and generally or specifically authorized by regulations of the Board. Physical therapy education and training shall include study of the skeletal manifestations of systemic disease. If you want something more consumer friendly, your first PT appointment would consist of an evaluation to identify the deficit or dysfunction, establish a plan of care, and offer a home program to begin the process of pain resolution. In subsequent visits, various interventions may include stretching, strengthening, education, job or hobby specific conditioning, or manual techniques to address pain and dysfunction.”

Why would someone need it?

Physical Therapy restores function and attempts to alleviate pain. A physical therapist can assist patients in rehabbing following a surgery or attempt to prevent a surgery by resolving painful muscles that are weak and/or tight. A physical therapist attempts to improve structural alignment and resolve muscle imbalances to eliminate muscle or joint pain.

How do you determine if you need it?

Physical Therapy is a noninvasive, highly effective intervention to decrease pain, increase function, and maximize performance. Most people have pain and could benefit from some education, strengthening, or stretching.

Does a patient need to see a doctor first and have a diagnosis?

No. North Carolina has had direct access since 1985, which means a physical therapist can practice without the legal requirement of a physician’s referral.

What happens during the appointment?

We will begin by obtaining consent for evaluation and treatment. Then we will proceed with gathering the history of your pain or diagnosis. I will ask questions to ensure I have an excellent understanding of why you are seeking physical therapy intervention. I will take some objective measurements and then proceed with treatment. 


Massage therapy

Complete Motion Therapy provides both 45 and 60 minute sessions for therapeutic massage. These appointments can be one-time, or recurring, depending on the need of the patient. Your session will be tailored to your needs at each individual appointment based on a series of questions, your feedback, and a brief evaluation.


Dry Needling

Because dry needling is just becoming main stream and many people have concerns, a dedicated page to answer additional questions is located here.

How do I know if dry needling may work for me?

If you have muscular pain you may be a candidate for dry needling.  Positive results also occur with pain that is point specific and of acute or chronic nature.

How long do sessions last?

45 or 60 minutes. Pain resolution could occur after one session or multiple session may be needed based on source(s) of pain.

How often should you get dry needled?

Once a trigger point is released, the pain will resolve. You may redevelop trigger points based on activity, repetitive movement, or positioning. Frequency of intervention is patient specific.

Some people will be happy to come 1 time and have 50-70% of their pain resolved while other people will continue to come in search of 100% pain relief. Based on my clinical experience, I typically need 4-6 visits to confirm what interventions are or are not working. Needling results typically occur between visit 2-4.